Have you ever found yourself in a season of reflection? 
That season may come with a change in your life... maybe you just had a baby and as you sit quietly with your newborn your mind reflects...

Maybe you just had surgery and you're in bed recuperating and your mind begins to reflect as to the years gone by and here you find yourself quietly in bed waiting for your body to heal itself...

Are you reflecting because someone just really hurt you again...

It could be that you just lost your job and you are wondering why?  After all, you did everything right but still it wasn't good enough...

You are reflecting over your life because you find yourself in a place of lowliness and despair because everything in your life is in shambles.

Maybe you are in the middle of a divorce...

In this hard and beautiful life that brings us seasons of all types, we need to hurry up and realize that in each challenge we face, we most assuredly face it alone with G-d.  It sounds good when people say "I will pray for you" or they may even ask you "how are you feeling?"  Your name may even be in a prayer list somewhere and no doubt someone is or has prayed for you.  But... in the day to day challenge of your life YOU have to seek G-d!  YOU have to do the work!  You have to pick yourself up!  This is where you will find out all sorts of things about yourself that only the Holy Spirit will divulge to you.  You will make it to greener pastures....the journey is long, its hard, its lonely, but you will come out stronger, healthier, wiser and the Holy Spirit will walk right beside you each second of the day if you ask Him to.  He loves us so!

In these moments reflection is good.  You will have a time of going back and seeing things about yourself but don't stay there... too much past doesn't allow for too much present!

I Love this part of the definition to Reflection:  the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it...  (we cannot change our past mistakes so don't absorbed them anymore when you reflect.  Use them to learn from and not make those same mistakes again)

I find myself after years of being busy working, ministering, being a mother, a wife, a grandmother and serving others to now being a little older, a little tired and a whole lot of wondering about whats next??

What happens when you reflect on your past?  In my own life I try to remember and absorb the good that has happened.  I reflect on my accomplishments, those that are only important to me:

- Seeing my children, both grown up now and serving Christ.  Seeing their healthy beautiful family.
- Knowing that my husband truly loves me and I truly love him... now more than ever! 
  God helped us through every day of our marriage.

- Through the years I have learned to be more:
  - Forgiving
  - Peaceful
  - Loving
  - Patient
  - Kind
  - Fear - Less
  - Dependent on my saviour!

In the quietness of my days in this season I have felt the oh so quieting embrace of the Holy Spirit.
I have learned that when Jesus left this earth He left us the comforter that would be with us everyday...

I have learned to stay quiet and not be too quick to give my opinion...

I'm learning to hear a word from the Holy Spirit everyday for that day.

I am enjoying each day in the simplicity of my home and day.

Most importantly I think I'm loving my husband the way He needs me to love him.  Without fear and totally in trust.  Marriage is a process of two people taking years to learn each other and love each other without all the erroneous ideals that we've picked up and learned. 

God is the creator of marriage and only He can give us the workbook of instructions.  Our job is to apply those instructions to our life everyday.  Trust in a marriage doesn't mean just trusting in your spouse, it means trusting in God and knowing that He will help you through all the difficult times.

What's next?  I have no idea ??>  As I wait I read my bible, I worship and I reflect, I pray and I listen.
I also invite the Holy Spirit to join me in my day and ask Him to show me what I don't know, I ask Him to lead me, I ask Him to let me see what He sees.  I also ask Him who I should pray for.

In learning new things, I'm enjoying my grandkids and my Husband.  I'm observing the victories of my own children and I'm praying for their marriages and the raising of their children. 

I'm grateful for the Grace of G-d in my life, I think He has given me a double portion because of all my mistakes and in spite of them He has shown me great love and patience.

"I'm here Lord, waiting on you as you've always waited on me.

Beloved Friend, Life is long and short.  Hurry up and get to the place the Lord has for you... I recall a time when I always felt behind in where I needed to be with the Lord.  Don't allow your fears and weaknesses hold you back any longer than necessary.  Hurry up and catch up to His plan because there is always so much more ahead anyway.  When you catch up  you feel like you can finally breath normally and then you just trust Him for whats ahead.  All the hard struggles we surpass is just the journey that will teach us what is important and redirects us toward him, just in case we deviate a little.  Paul is so right when he said:  "Count it all good..."

Here I am waiting ... abide in me I pray.  Here I am longing for you...
Hide me in your love, bring me to my knees.  May I know Jesus more and more.

Prayer:  Lord, I pray for the individual that just happened to read this.  As they reflect, may they see your fingerprint on their life.  Bring them peace and hope!  Amen.



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