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Ageing is a Process - My Testimony! Part 2

Recently, I had a bit of a health scare.  I woke up and found a suspicious looking lump on my right breast.  The lump was swollen and red and hard to the touch as well as a bit painful.  Of course  I saw it when I was alone in our home and just the thoughts began to flood in.  I did what my husband always tells me not to do... I googled!  I googled, pictures of lumps, I googled all different kinds of cancer sites.  Red all the articles.  Then I put my phone down and I began to pray!  Because I waited til he got home and showed him my lump and the look on his face, as much as he masked it,  made me tremble a little.   My husband's demeanor changed into His Doctor mode.  He began to ask me questions, like When did you first notice it?  Does it hurt? etc...  He then looked at me with tenderness and said its fine.  Probably some kind of insect bite but don't worry.  But I know him and he looked worried.  He asked me how I felt and I told him all I was feeling and what I had read. …

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