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Aging is also a Mental process Part 1

I'm trying to process the fact that soon I will be turning 60!  Obviously the fact that our world looks so much different today than it did 6 months ago is also a hard pill to swallow.  I made a decision a few years ago to try to go as organic as I possibly can and it has been a process to say the least...
I am not the same woman of just a year ago let alone the last 5 years.  G-d has taken me through a long journey that was waiting for me once I quieted my life around me.
In the last 5 years I have retired from the Corporate world,  opened up my boutique, closed my boutique and went online only, moved to a new church and let go of all ministry roles,  had serious menopause issues and my close circle of friends got smaller,   All this began a new journey with the Lord.  On the spiritual side, during the day It's been just me and Him for some time now.  Lots of quiet time...
On the personal side, it's been lots of quiet time for me and my husband.  That has been the best time!…

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